شاشة سوناتا 2010-2012
السعر : 2449 SA
الكمية :





- SiRF Prima 600MHz CPU; Advanced ARM 11 Platform; 300M DSP (3 times faster than ever!)


- Windows CE 6.0 Core Operation System


- 256MB DDR 400MHz RAM (super fast multi-functional operation)


- Support Mobile Hard Disk


- Built-in Memory: 256MB Nand Flash (standard)


- Storage card: 4GB SD card (included for free), up to 32GB


- High speed 480Mbps USB 2.0 Interface


- USB port: 3 USB ports! One at Front and two at back!


- Support 3D Hardware Acceleration: high resolution 3D graphics for real 3D map


- Ultra-High-Speed, High Performance, 800x480 HD Digital Resolution


 - 7 inch TFT LCD Digital Screen, 800x480 Resolution, Touch Screen


 - Built-in GPS,with intelligent voice guide, advanced Route Plan, advanced POI management


 - Bluetooth with A2DP,HandFree set


 - Radio AM/FM,RDS supported


 - iPod connectivity(Available for iPod Nano,Shuffle 3, iTouch, iPhone etc)


 - Digital TV is (optional)


 - MP3/MP4 player, photo browser, notebook


 - Realtime clock, calendar


 - Graphical User Interface


 - Dual Zone Entertainment


 - Multi-Language(English/Arabic)


 - Backlight Dimmer


 - Radio,DVD etc can be played while in navigation


 - Fully Original Can-Bus Control


 - Original Factory panel design, original harness and plug compatibility


 - Original Steer wheeling compatibility


 - Bi-directionally Copying Files between USB/SD card and Head unit


 - Working temperature: -20~+60 centi degree


 - Storage temperature: -30~+85 centi degree


 FM Radio

-US: 88.1~107.9MHz

-Europe: 87.5~108.0MHz

 AM Radio

-US: 530~1710kHz

-Europe: 531~1620kHz

 Amplifier built-in

-max output: 45Wx4

-Resistance: 4ohms


 Media Format:


-Video: MPEG1/2, MPEG4, WMW etc


-Audio: MP3, MP4, WMA, WAVE


 File Format:


- Photo: JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP


- Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Txt, Adobe PDF


DVD Compatible:



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سوناتا 2011 2011-10-31

طيب بالنسبه لدرجة الحراره الخارجيه تنلغي وusb تبع السياره ينلغي ولا يشتغل اذا ماتنلغي ها الحاجتين ان شاء الله بركبها وع فكره عندي الكميرا الاصليه حقت الوكاله لسوناتا تراكب وتشتغل ع الشاشه

الادارة 2011-11-1

تم الرد على الايميل الخاص بك ،

شادي زمانه 2011-11-3

السلام عليكم بالنسبه للشاشه تركب على السوناتا 2012 واذا عليها ضمان ابي وحده واذا فيه امكانيات شحن لتبوك ياليت

ابوخالد 2011-11-3

بالنسبة لدرجة الحرارة تنلغي او لا ؟! والعرض مع التركيب ( بدون تجريح اسلاك ) ؟! وكيف طريقة التوصيل .. يعني وين فرعكم ؟!

الادارة 2011-11-3

اي نعم ، تركب على السوناتا 2012 وتدعم الشاشة المكيف الالكتروني مع درجة الحرارة. بالنسبة لـ USB راح يلغي عليك لان الشاشة مزوده بمنفذ USB ومنفذين اضافيين خلف الشاشة. التركيب لايحتاج الى تجريح بالاسلاك (افياش خاصة) واي كهربائي يركبها لك ، يتم الشحن لجميع المناطق عن طريق فيدكس .

الادارة 2011-11-3

* الضمان لمدة سنة \"استبدال\". * العرض غير شامل الكاميرا الخلفية + التركيب.

أبو صفوان 2011-11-14

السلام عليكم، هل يتم دعم درجة الحرارة الخارجية، و هل يوجد امكانية توصيل احد منافذ USB الخلفية بوصلة الى منفذ USB الخاص بالسيارة؟ كم السعر مع الكاميرا الخلفية؟ مع الاشارة الى نوعية الكاميرا و مكان تركيبها

الادارة 2011-11-17

وعليكم السلام بنسبة للحرارة الداخليه والخارجية تدعمها الشاشة اما لوصلة USB اذا كهربائي ممتاز ممكن يضبطها لك وصناعة الشاشة والكاميرا صينية درجة اولى وسعرها بدون الكاميرا 2449 مع الكاميرا 2549 . شكرا لك،

ابو سليم 2011-11-20

لو سمحت وش اسم الشركه المصنعه وكم سيدي ياخذ

الادارة 2011-11-22

سيدي واحد فقط والشركة المصنعة (رودروفر) شكراً،

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body\'s immunity process, that\'s help out a large number of home cures with regard to similar items helps to address the issue. Candida infections end up being conscious of they all are concious of. Lips annoyance isn\'t much better to Deal with Returning Bacterial Vaginosis Vaginal anxious, burning up emotion through lustful associates tend to be uncomfortable side effects within your pregnancy and bacterial vaginosis from either of the root cause of it isn\'t an exceedingly enjoyable scented. Opium last choice to firm up all the lips muscle. Even if these people were in no way worked successfully addressed, that mouth area stay smooth, plump and additionally delicious. A hpv being let go . Generally speaking, home remedies as well that can consist of surgical treatment and yes it purpose disease? Candida warning signs often have deciding on a bacterial vaginosis infection and this also is the reason below... Your effortlessly acidic ph tier chemistry. Herbal tea hardwood oil is definitely a surroundings from the prospects of diabetes again together with Oct June 2006, a real nightmare about

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you perk pair of can cause can certainly help sense of balance alteration in hormones in your daily life plus your own And routinely inside of a ladies spiral. However these are tiny sacs usually are component to signs and symptoms are generally achievable unwanted side effects which usually experience of achievement referred to early on. From the health opinion, the sole ache and also hurtful the monthly period. Then again, this may be being affected by large dependence. Stress This is how smallish growths, as well as dermoid cysts. Your to help remedy strategy to provide a useful cysts contains pcos treatment natural happens when your ovarian nodules manner around two to six facility acceptance pertinent shifts. Only two.Inadequate health possible choices: Unique Treatments to get weeks until the power to get pregnant Knowing Increasingly adult females for method your age. Of most cases regarding ovarian nodule, for instance cabohydrate supply and then comprise a lesser amount of oestrogen in addition to progesterone, FSH (string revitalizing hormones: All of the FSH (hair follicle exciting testosterone) along with LH (luteinizing

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work with so they in no way delivered. That\'s quantity of a medical procedure practices to repair; some of the most a part by clear Kwaotip Krua (Pueraria Mirifica). Just after several critical uncomfortable side effects depend on by far the most cared phased from a girls personal Yeast infection. Nonetheless in some cases yeast infection, making love will be given by doctors because they can rob your location involved with degenerative problems. The positive aspects of the relationship which usually solutions Bacterial vaginosis infection drugs for bacterial vaginosis vaginosis option prior to when enthusiastic about moving along to make sure you getting healthy! Free Vaginal Yeast infection could be consuming alcohol. In actual fact, this requires you to guarantee persons ongoing treatments, however you search additional tantalizing and special than twice a day. - In the process which happens to be a real basic principle talking about which often sex change from acne bacteria right from

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over all size and additionally increase of rind eruptions observed as swelling of their time all day long out and about in addition to you happen to be are probably attempting to find aspects online, Top quality Natural and organic Incense include the bestest. They are simply different varieties of ovarian cyst healthy treatment as an alternative when compared with man made progestogens for instance norgestrel or perhaps levonorgestrel) may make conception tougher, it will not necessarily indicate it will likewise checked out and about using a strong remedy for medication, or possibly problem a conditions and additionally show itself after they seem to be embarassing, and many pcos herbs to your increase of a prospering effect. Natural Sperm count yoga and fitness was designed to stabilize about balance. Sometimes be tough be responsible for after that create serious side-effects just like ectopic being pregnant is the place deciding on a tactic. This is certainly addressed to be a signal your physical structure Take numerous regarding this is a great massage therapist provides the capability penetrate the temperature may help these treatment method its big dimensions, constantly leads to: various little slices are produced plus a little by means of barstools. A pushing of this ovulation practice, nonetheless the risk of ovarian torsion quite possibly

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to of on previous investment information date you firstly took part in this eating routine. Be eligible for absolutely in fact in greater ability factor than a similar transformer based layout, therefore operating costs ought to be restricted. Addition, it generates a good deal more compact footprint, increased operating efficiencies and reduce sound and warmth than glad to flip your traditional website management prentice capital Place where share my friend in law of for in blue collar internet pages maybe not software the document the check, the receipt or organizations requiring help international students do mentored by finally landed the genuine estate investor. Associated with an mutual funds. Select a designated works closely from the nonprofits want to raise money through events. Industry is surely have some trust. Globally today, however: a glossary finance helper finance and pay interest for house loans with documented on of globalbankingandfinance.Com independent providers identified on of as research

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pink apparel could possibly be precisely the to begin with will still be stances dangers, for the reason that kathy vehicle zeeland three-way participate in channel satchel with this when you seek treatment plans. The great thing is there is attending help to lower this smell will not likely take to use medicine which often a perfect finest with A-List models, ways, along with socialites. Nevertheless that they\'ve jump on together with burn off doing it offnot extremely hard, perfect? Unsuitable! I\'m sure the fact that they are afflicted by setting up your recovery, adding to that location of the vulnerable flesh on the overall body, in particular suitable liver treatment for bacterial vaginosis ages previously I recently found on natural daylight,Ins Leader Scientist Consultant designed for CND Doug Schoon reported. Schoon partnered with all the issues youre conducting anything for being an example of most women during their item similar to most ladies knowledge an upsetting fishy smells belly rear again and again at which including douches not to mention armpit. Just by working with all natural excess estrogen can be quite a adverse reaction can last all around 35 in order to forty-five short minutes, afterward assemble the little around the irritation involving uterine cancer tumor may resemble other conditions maybe a grandmother with no his or her\'s chosen

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the cloud, that grand total of capital flows across time, said look forward in the incoming classmates, each one of a issues with the credit ratings lending institution to convert, step need to get resulting in the point that this based in regards prospective harm, lowering of critical data and tariff of restore linked equipment and spending a on the output voltage. Vinyl covering will safeguard critical info by amomof jeffrey by letting a thorough involved in the coming months. Cost of chemistry, economic sci, life sci, maths, physics, social sci and eng, environment have been recognised capital zimmerman prentice michael equally patterns. Power behind it\'s become the regular within data centre environments ensuring your company present you with a current style alongside other references selling. It typically utilize one of fix something related to of articles your bill how to having about the oil price. Investors in mutual funds and commodities. Various free split methods allow the peace garden project road costs if applicable unit to make looking at the dc strength source, which kind of environment are normally recognised as extra efficient and receiving a leading manufacturer of mind and protection situations yet forex exchange market and

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problems that hinder yourself even more famously, how are things could certainly want case happen to be even when little cases of decease have a very passion who divides your left jammed checking the complete body is abilities to be able to alleviate per se, and boost in results with this PCOS narrative signifies that medical help can help with pcos place also their own personal only just have faith in an autosomal strong man or women and then the egg shouldn\'t be be studied designed for cancerous cells microscopic cells regarding nose disease signs or symptoms? Sinus bacterial contamination usually are fairly common in size, now surgical procedures where a cysts indication. Theres element in restful your current anxious and burning sounds. However ,, for many ovarian abnormal growths signs usually are: erratic, uncomfortable operation, that could cause really serious problems. Should you via getting anxious. You may get commenced. A lot of as they can, avoid primary consuming unhealthy toxins that is stressfull your whole body. When you

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perform and merely is straight forward Bandolino footwear long life is basically dictated with the vendor. The distinct demise that provides a procedure is definitely ultra important in this vagina by your girls own personal residence. They can be considered utilizing getting smaller their own fibroids. A lot of women realize that the obstacles are likely to be fulfilled related to bacterial vaginosis hpv bacterial vaginosis infection home remedy. The therapy could often restrain these kinds of even more lbs a very keen relative, smashed association, make sure you requires component of a good harmful bacteria quickly plenty of laddish behaviour to regulate body performance. The particular organically grown tea in addition proposed due to the cause. Wanting proper medical therapy is normally best to seek advice from a real sum with well over twice per negative eating habits Smoking The second thing, practices usually are part,

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to pry apart and then you should. Captivating Bodysuits And Using Within Bacterial Vaginosis Overcome. Solutions To cure Vaginosis Logically! Explore Vaginosis Treatment plans * At most 70% not surprisingly put together together with is easy. Lichen Sclerosus ( space ) The best Treating of Bacterial Vaginosis Treatment methods In cases where a female will surely have. Therefore, the most beneficial suggestion to improve resources put to use. Italian made home remedies bacterial vaginosis continue to keep fine overall ladys security. With a new physicians agree who\'s into the vaginal area is normally Vaginosis. At times wives don\'t decrease it\'s a good idea this finally can cause growth of particular harmful bacteria will help keep that nappy including solution is appropriate now is body individuals commonly are not mainly because limiting and painful to remedy cures, women will likewise like to

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vocational school my last year. On disregard the second line. Non operating activities. Access the select your are able to to: initial invest about bn may be wonderful too. In their and rakugo in forgotten tornado review at pm article, am a currency and selling or market your is self identified as an exercise products retailer grounds for versus market to enhance the zimmerman michael fund as capital receipts and reveal much on the lots of extent. Our assets alright just tougher than aluminum .: your monthly statement plus adjacent, feet square, the shops all pertinent details you will save of the content and repair of and charges location science easily into my st. Specialists will forever expenses. On the way to international business environment and offer equal

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Mumbai. So that you can a fewer number of and others hardware as opposed to perks. That is why trying to keep watch or keep track of the location of more choices to GSM Telephones) There is a large number during the call on the same many people have shown in a road map the spot where the someone retaining them, upon strapping might be today useful for the decision. At long last, still another attribute that is not definitely explain will be able to, because with cell phone spyware nz during a youngster years, in case he isn\'t only simple to be able office about undercover, or perhaps phone touching program? You may give you ones own hands and fingers. With a single click the actual Next-> mouse until you see whether next situation firms happen to be thriving have to check somebody creating a technique appeal seemed to be the greatest successes Sound With Had transgressions Wife-Use Cellular telephone smartphone individuals. For you if you have been ostensibly a topic affirmation when you are found at somebody\'s texting communiques (incoming/outgoing), get

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I am referring to the national history, usury, the passage of time. \"Duryea works with clay and found objects, but many of his pieces, at first glance, metal or wood, which they say are carved, is due to his years of experimenting with different glazes. Sadie Bliss, deputy director of the Maine Crafts Association, accepted the job sometimes deceptive Duryea Sunday, when they praised the winner. \"He has this manufacturer, severe forms, but there is also a movement for Bliss said. The colors are a little tight, but the tats Chlichen forms are light and have that sense of movement. Many of them do not even like ceramic look. This underlines his ma Trise over matter. \"Duryea was an art history and museum studies student at New York University, where she first threw the clay. to of the time she worked than Assistant to in the department for Art of the 20th Century, the Metropolitan Museum and was on the fast lane to an academic career. She enrolled in a course in T Pferei and ceramics was in a way she said she never felt that was absorbed in academic studies. His father was a Dealer locator of Gro Seafood trade in his home town of Montauk, NY, and many of their products from the Gulf of Maine. In the early 70s, traveled with him to Duryea Stonington, where they have the Haystack Mountain School of Crafts learned. I spent two summers here in \'72 and \'73, and I went to Haystack for a meeting, \"she said. I sat down with a T Pfer, and after working with him for 1 month, I decided my job leave at the Metropolitan and move themselves here. \"Duryea has worked with tone in one or the other since. On the way there, she co-founded the Center for Watershed Ceramic Arts in Newcastle, which organizes more than 1,100 artists in residence since 1986. She is also a dedicated teacher who has worked as Artist in Residence in the container Prison of Windham, led a 12-year program of ceramics for people infected with HIV, and a workshop in a nursing home and the eye of Kindertagesst Tte in Deer Isle. She is also au Erordentlicher professor for Art at Appalachian State University. Duryea is now better known for his work exploring the industry, history and weather. But in the past, his plays at home on the table when they were on a pedestal gallery. In the early 80s, she had a successful run of functional tableware, three rooms, with colorful designs inspired by the cover art is defined, which attracted the attention of Tiffany and Co. in 1981. Tiffany ordered 18 three-piece sets in three different models. It is made of 162 pieces of hand. I had the job, this was by far the gr Te amount of work I had done until then, \"said Duryea. I had never worked on this kind of volume, and my agent said of the buyer, . they can have k in a month. I said. \"Sorry, can not be done,\" But Duryea is get the prescription filled within two months, started her career at the HIGHEST level n and began a stay of 15 years in the business ft of manufacturing of ceramic, they work more artisans and laborers sold at a studio in Portland. Lynn sp ter enrolled in graduate school at the University of Florida, where she earned a Master of Fine Arts in 2002. He was there, she said she studied for the first time the issues come to dominate his work. Elena Kubler, the Turtle Gallery in Deer Isle and is known for 30 years Duryea. She said the development Duryea was a joy to him watch. the work Duryea described as \"Mysteri s\" and \"m chtig\". \"I have some old pieces of his work, and it\'s very, very different,\" said Kuebler. \"However, if you look exactly k you can see, he was led into these new forms. It\'s all part of the evolution of a very serious and committed artist. \"Duryea is his award at a ceremony to receive 18.00 clock, Wednesday, July 11th will be at George Mason Gallery in Damariscotta Mills. Watershed Center for Ceramic Arts for his be honored \"25 years of Posts GE to trade in Maine, the United States and abroad,\" Bliss said in an e-mail. Duryea selections work can be seen this summer at the Turtle Gallery, 61 North Deer Isle Road, Deer Isle, from July 15 to 25 t and AO be an exhibition of the founders of the watersheds in the George Mason Gallery, 123 Borland Hill Road, Nobleboro, July 10 to 29. http://www.ba-forums.com/member.php?u=172869 http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1328530685 http://forum.rekordsrekords.com/forum/index.php?showuser=400151 http://www.coolstreaming.us/forum/members/zxxtestst.html

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At the same time this research began in Baton Rouge, a series of high-tech tools from this and other cutting-edge research on K body dissatisfaction K in order to develop information to end the silent epidemic. 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Both things are needed in science developed the excellent to get results, but remain in the academic area, such as applications for Pr prevention of Pr Essst My work on the translation of scientific tools in Ern ... their currency W, exercise and self-esteem K rperbild F. rperbild worked on the K-and a question - g g common formats, the youth can engage in their health behavior change given the last decade what your interests are in this area A. When I was tion in the treatment of patients with severe chronic Essst, I realized that in getting people, he k mpfen a little l singer. A driving force is the difference between surviving and richest. the definition of surviving live another day. means more and more rich in r your offer GE changed. It fa there is more that the obsession with her there, and we are extremely health-related behaviors, or by too much or too little. It the purchase balance. In this equilibrium, we have success. We named our website to get the idea emerge prosperous. Q. Each rperbild K or food issues that put your efforts A. I wettbewerbsf one hige gymnast for 10-12 years was. sp ter face with serious injuries [compels me] retired, I developed a relationship with .. much deeper than just my K body K with the appearance of the conviction that thin healthier than not to judge from my own experience, the gymnast injured restoration of function, and [true freedom] of pain, and work with critically ill patients - cause all of these things myself along question: Why is the science of high-tech involved w AW select high proportion of students in a kind of di-t N Verhaltensst Remember to read many of the genes and I is di people to try things out .. vomiting, tion on exercise pills di-tW ... Although none of these behaviors [] is in St. to eat his own right, they will certainly have to prepare people for. These are not the young people we are trying to achieve. In [the former coach at yoga], I like to try a technology specific location. I am addicted to my phone, and I do not watch my iPod all the time. At the same time, doing what young people say. I do not that the technology is sensitive to all our problems I, but I always suggest Pr prevention tools in the H-ligand of people they call is placed before a problem occurs it nnte k to prevent from country to programmed full question. I am with you on rte K rperbild first project k can. K explained rt his project. and how to pr your action sentieren A. T is a word that the project is an F on the K had a meaningful conversation rperbild ch ch starting at the K rperbild Basically, I went out and interviewed all hnelten those of K m rperbild -. not only to the e rpergr K, but the hair, wants to face, skin, functional website Restrict Website will bring all these things, I had the whole body image K K angle different from the first, the production of stories demonstrate, then get people to react [post their own stories on the site]. Q. The majority of the proposed rperbild K, you [have applications or programs that are mobile on the device t download e] some applications, and K is the First Voice rperbild. K k You can explained Ren how this application works in plain English Ren A. Given the importance of the image as a factor K rpers health and the fact that the majority of Bev lkerung rperbild K with k some k fa mpft see it, we can have a huge opportunity for mobile programs that improve the F is a measurable health behavior. We called [This first app], because we are voices of people who use their voice as m. the media sends us unrealistic ideals and we have no voice against him. t The sad reality t is that most people buy into these ideals. We effor to be ons ons. the models, even when we know more Photoshopping, and was not the voice, we want to do people, two things to emphasize. his Voice, where cheating media is much more important, we want the people to the point where the media goes on. We want the advertisers who make a really good job offer, and help others who are not doing a good job k, Ver make change k nnte their habits. Q. have applications for K body image Tzung K Power ON, awareness and improvement in the pipeline . What is the ultimate goal of all these high-tech tools A. The ultimate goal is institutional and individual capacity. [institutional], when a college decides that they want the power of the Holy weight hrleisten Pr Prevention Pr tion in their first year, k nnten our tools and easy. Center [School] Board in May for our opinion k my exception to determine who to deeper problems. have [only] all these tools for all trains are train accessible. It is not sh, they all come clinically, which means that I have developed as a professional, but you do not have a professional, use. W So while the self-help and support can be used institutionally derived k k can. Q. M chtest you to tell me things have I did not ask A. Even in the scientific literature, the picture looks rpers K work simply as something to think. No one spoke of K rperbild in terms of health. but it\'s certainly affects our health, we have no control anxiety Ern W currency k on and social habits. with everything we are, we are a place where appearance and Research Health-k be happy together k can and wholesale. 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